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Before & After Destructive Cyclone Nagis in Myanmar.

Cyclone Nagis, most deadliest disaster in Myanmar history.

Most of Myanmar peoples and some foreign NGOs around the world give their helping hands to victims and trying to release their stress and tension.

That cyclone killed over 100,000 peoples and smash down most of the economy infrastructure. We are still trying to reconstruct educational buildings, water resources, houses and another necessary requirements with  our own resources, UN Organizations, and some donators from foreign countries.

The cyclone nightmare is still frighten us.

Cyclone tragedy for me is unforgettable. How can we forget about that night mare?

Can you imagine how hard to do this work in the world financial crisis? We are in thia crisis too. Few millions of peoples are waiting for the dawn of Myanmar economy to escape from their hopeless condition.

What can we do?

What shall we do?

We are interesting on globalization, world economy crisis, civilization, human right, global warming, terriorism, war crimes, North Korea & Iran’s nuclear power problem and Israel Vs Hizbollah. But most of us forget to donate few percent  of  expenditures spend in necessary areas.

Yes, I agree we have to concentrate on world economy crisis. Poverty can lead to born Nationalists and fundamentalists.


I think, major donators have problem to see the right places  to fight against the poverty. Actually these places can strongly support the world economy growth.

Are we absent to concentrate on Humanization?

No..!! We are not. We are just sinking in -isms, bureaucracy and policies.

Can we cooperate to build the safe and pleasant world independently?

Why not?

Show our good will to poor countries with financial problems and having with their warmly response from positive point of view.

2nd May 2009 is a first anniversary of Nagis. Most of the Developed Countries are not interesting to help victims who are still need effective help to reform their life. Few thousands of storm victims still strongly require financial assistance internationally to reshape their life.

Soil from delta area ( Ayeyarwaddy Division ) is salty until now. So, 80 % of the firm lands have difficulty to plantation. Thousands of orphans, farmers without useful farmland and barehanded fishermen are innocent and pity. But they can expect local kindness.

Finally, let me say all of us can go and see the Nagis effective areas and donate to anywhere, anyone as we wish. Do you believe it or not?..  I can prove my words practically. USD 500.00 (five hundred US$) can change one fisherman family’s life.

If you wish.. contact

Hlaing of Myanmar.

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